Vera Mazel

Vera Mazel and Josie Grey are professed "puzzle people" who live on the Fifth Floor of Ternky Towers.

Missing ItemEdit

  • Vera and Josie are missing their Victrola, which is on the Twelfth Floor.

Name OriginEdit

  • Macy Gray or Mazel Gray.
  • Perhaps Vera Mazel refers to the singing coach Vera Mazel
  • Perhaps Josie Grey refers to Josephine Butler (née Grey), the British Feminist.
  • Perhaps Josie Grey refers to Josephine Gray the "Black Widow".

Floors - Tenants
First Floor Travis Pupkin
Second Floor Krieger Manzarek
Third Floor Rosa Tse-Levy
Fourth Floor Sigfried Plumpjack
Fifth Floor Vera Mazel & Josie Grey
Sixth Floor Bert D'Grnp
Seventh Floor Jigsy Squonk
Eighth Floor Amber & Jaime Kaulken
Ninth Floor Munari Bakula
Tenth Floor General Klobberduck
Eleventh Floor Ida Mayfield
Twelfth Floor P.K. Quello
Thirteenth Floor Bevel Ternky

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