The final solutions to where the numbers were buried and what clues led to the solve.

PLEASE ONLY PUT THE ACTUAL SOLUTIONS HERE, NOT YOUR GUESSES! Put all your speculations on the other pages, just stuff from the known, actually dug-up number here.

First FloorEdit

  • Number Found: 4
  • Found By/On: Catherine / May 24, 2010
  • State: Virginia -- The three photographs on the wall are Thomas Jefferson, Dave Matthews, and Missy Elliott. All three have ties to Virginia.
  • Highway: Interstate 81 -- From the newspaper headline dated August 1, 1981 (8.1.81)
  • Mile: 262 -- The number 262 can be seen on the paisley rug.
  • Blog post:

Second FloorEdit

Third FloorEdit

Fourth FloorEdit

  • Number Found: 1
  • Found By/On: cosmicjay /September 6, 2010
  • State: Maryland --the sheet music shows a 7th interval; MD is the 7th state.
  • Highway: I-95 -- the temperature of the thermometer
  • Mile: 81--- the carrots on the counter are braille for 8, plus the shape of the cupboard is a 1 = 81. 5 in wood chips gets you to turn the book upside down so the braille is right.
  • Mile: 81--- The octagonal clock with both hands on the 1. "Squaring the circle" clue fits because an octagon is somewhere between a square and a circle.
  • Mile: 81 -- the muffin pan in the kitchen has nine circles in it, "squaring the cirles" 9 to the 2nd power, gives you 81 as the mile marker. Gus's clue, "squaring the circles" seems a better solve than the braille 8 plus the cabinet top. Braille #8 refers to the slices NOT the whole carrots.
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Fifth FloorEdit

  • Number Found: 8
  • Found By/On: christiewags / May 26, 2010
  • State: Illinois -- Based on the magic square answer of 21. The 21st state that joined the union was Illinois in 1818.
  • Highway: 39 -- Based on "39 clues" book under the table
  • Mile: 2 -- the Clock book is open to the second floor, Krieger's apt = 2
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Sixth FloorEdit

  • Number Found: 5
  • Found By/On: stercox / May 26, 2010
  • State: Ohio (pictures form the rebus "Oh" - "Hi" - "Oh" in the bathroom)
  • Highway: I-76 (number of checkerboard tiles in the black-and-white room)
  • Mile: 45 (giant XLV on the wall of the black-and-white room)
  • Blog post:

Seventh FloorEdit

  • Number Found: 7
  • Found By/On: varin / May 25, 2010
  • State: Indiana -- There appears to be a map of the United States behind the balloons in the dart game. Indiana is the only section not covered with balloons.
  • Highway: Interstate 80 -- There are exactly 80 balloons on the wall.
  • Mile: 56 -- From the Heinz 57 styled bottle with the number "56" on the label.
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Eighth FloorEdit

  • Number Found: 10
  • Found By/On: marty3434 / May 26, 2010
  • State: Connecticut -- The Connect Four game is sitting next to the eye and a pair of scissors. (Connect - Eye - Cut)
  • Highway: Interstate 95 -- Hopscotch board has 2 rocks on it in the 9 and 5 spots.
  • Mile: 9 - Finder says they went looking for 10, not 9, because of the X on one of the dolls eyes and the 10 fingers in the handprints on the wall. The rest area was actually between mile 9 and 10
  • Blog post:

Ninth FloorEdit

  • Number Found: no number found. Found: Roy Dodge's magnifying glass and a note
  • Found By/On: Popper/ April 4th 2011
  • State: ID - From state motto: It is Forever
  • Highway: I-84 -from the binary 1010100
  • 'Mile: 269 - Finder said it was at the first rest area in ID coming from UT. One in wires may mean the first rest area instead of a mm.
  • Blog post: Previous "solution" was a hoax as confirmed on the official blog: NON-UPDATE-UPDATE
  • Blog post:

Tenth FloorEdit

  • Number Found: 2
  • Found By/On: Lauren (Brains) & Jim (Legs) on 26 May 2010
  • State: Florida - Guns and spear point at Gator
  • Highway: 75 - add up 24, 25, 26
  • Mile: 307 - count the legs in the sand: 3 on the stool, 0 on the snake, 7 on the spider
  • Blog post:

Eleventh FloorEdit

Twelfth FloorEdit

  • Number Found: 6
  • Found By/On: Henson and Sydney November 11 2010
  • State: AR: the element that should be where the MI is on the periodic Table. Or it could just be Michigan
  • Highway: I-40 : 4 teas going in and 4 Ts coming out of the machine.
  • Mile: 134 : "near" the calculation on the blackboard which is 136. Alternative: The molar mass of the molecule in the altered formula is 133.04.
  • Blog post: in Your Quiet Home

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