Pink Doughnuts

Pink doughnuts appear throughout Turnky Tower.

The Google profiles avatar for TCWOAF artist Scott Teplin is a plate full of pink doughnuts.(

Doughnut LocationsEdit

Floor Location
First Floor Halfway along the lower left wall next to the corkscrew.
Second Floor Bedroom in Pupil of Eye Painting
Third Floor Halfway along the lower left wall next to the faucet. On the table full of brushes by the orange shelf/sculpture.
Fourth Floor Kitchen table next to the refrigerator.
Fifth Floor On the kitchen floor amidst all the boxes.
Sixth Floor
Seventh Floor On bunk bed, far left side of the picture.
Eighth Floor Kitchen table (behind the pitcher)
Ninth Floor Kitchen Floor
Tenth Floor
Eleventh Floor There is a large pile of pink doughnuts on the living room floor.
Twelfth Floor
Thirteenth Floor On a pedestal by the sink near the dining table.

Stolen Objects Pink Doughnuts Clocks Rockets/Explosives
Eyes Snakes Ladders Leaks
Cereal Cleaning Equipment

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