A number of clues for the hunt appear to be contained within anagrams. It is not yet clear how this system of anagrams will convey a deeper meaning. Feel free to add new anagrams. Also help to place clues in their proper floors as they are sorted out and feel free to post theories about their meaning

Logan's Run Bath MatEdit

On the ninth floor, there is a colorful bath mat containing the words "Logan's Run," part of an overall sci fi decorating scheme throughout the apartment.

Possible AnagramsEdit

Bananas Glum Troth

Anagram Blots Hunt

Anagrams Bolt Hunt

Amaranths Blot Gun

A Hamburg Slant Not

Huntman brags a lot

A Lab Angstrom Hunt

A Among Laths Burnt

A Argon Slant Thumb

Mutants Blah Organ

Mutants Blah Argon

Relationships to Other Apartments and The Overall HuntEdit

Overall hunt -

  1. Anagram Blots Hunt - Could also be "To hunt anagrams, B (=be)... + L".
  1. Or interpret "Anagrams Bolt Hunt" as a directive to look for lightning bolts (visible on the pinball machine on floor 11, or on signs on floor 2).
  2. "Bananas Glum Troth" - Bananas are seen in several rooms.


Floor 13

Floor 12

Floor 11 -

  1. Mutants Blah Argon - The element argon (Ar) is replace with "Mi" on the Periodic Table.
  2. Also examine "A Argon Slant Thumb."

Floor 10 -

  1. Amaranths Blot Gun - The large plants on the 10th floor (one also found on Floor 7) could be amaranths, and the 10th floor resident has many guns.
  2. Also "Huntman brags a lot" could describe the character on this floor.

Floor 9

Floor 8

Floor 7 - A 'Hamburg' Slant Not - There is a hamburger with fries sitting near the dart balloon game.

Floor 6

Floor 5 - A Among Laths Burnt - In the mime's "Talking Room," there is lath showing through the plaster on the wall. There is a burnt candle nearby.

Floor 4

Floor 3

Floor 2

Floor 1

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