An informational tour began on April 24th. A unique clue will be presented at each stop. More details at

2010-04-24: Los Angeles, CA.Edit

  • "The clown plays her own game"

2010-05-01: San Francisco, CA.Edit

  • "F BRSJ OIIUAYT S ZT" appeared on a faux movie marquee.[1]
It is a rail fence cipher for "FRITZ IS JUST A BOY".
F       *       B  
 R     S J     * O 
  I   I   U   A   Y
   T *     S *     
    Z       T

2010-05-04: Oakland, CA.Edit

  • Gideon was never born.[2]

2010-05-13: San Jose, CA.Edit

  • Burnt Norton[3]

2010-05-15: Corte Madera, CA.Edit

  • The best defense is a good rail fence.
also, the floor number may not correspond to the clock number the floor resident stole.[4]

2010-05-16: Berkeley, CA.Edit

  • Look out for the donut hole.[5]

2010-05-20: Baltimore, MD.Edit

  • Fiveway is the wrong way.[6]

2010-05-22: Philadelphia, PA.Edit

2010-05-23: New York, NY.Edit

2010-05-25: New York, NY.Edit

2010-05-26: New York, NY.Edit

2010-05-27: New York, NY.Edit

2010-06-01: Cambridge, MA.Edit